Authors, who would like to have their full paper published in the conference proceedings, are kindly requested send your paper via email to in MS Word format including names of authors, abstract, keywords etc.

Template of full paper:

Follow these steps:

  • The authors must note that submitting an article for publishing in one of the aforementioned journals means that
      1. authors confirm that the articles are original;
      2. there’s no conflicts of interests or any plagiarism issues;
      3. the article is not being considered elsewhere;
      4. the authors are willing to transfer the first publishing right to the publisher if the article is accepted after review.
  • Save your paper on your computer (we recommend use for name of file your variable code/symbol)
  1. Contact us: in order to send the paper electronically.
  2. Format: Please follow this format if you wish to publish your research paper (Download)


All articles must be written in English. If English is not your first language, please ask an English-speaking colleague to proofread your article.


The length of an article should be 6 – 12 pages (including title page and references).


Bottom of the page footnotes are preferred to end of the article endnotes. They should be indicated by numerals placed in the text.


References should be cited in the text according to the Harvard reference system, that is, use the last name of the author(s), the date of publication and, following quoted material, the page references, i.e. (Smith, 1776, p. 33). More details: . The reference list should include every work cited in the text. References should be arranged alphabetically.

Please note that once the final version of conference proceedings is published, it is no more possible to make changes or amendments in the text.